Unique wedding invitation ideas from your favorite fashion brands

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You’re right, we do design wedding website templates. Yes, wedding websites are those things that make it possible to pass up on paper invitations altogether.  For this reason, along with the undeniable fact that most wedding website options out there leave much to be desired, some stauncher wedding traditionalists remain wary of the increasingly popular wedding website. However, we came onto the scene to remedy the situation and we’re happy to say that sentiment is dwindling. Wedding websites allow you to supplement all the important info you just can’t fit within the limited wording for your wedding invitations, organize your RSVPS, correspond with your guests in a seamless manner, and so much more.

But just to clarify, we’ve never claimed to be anti-invitation. In fact, we think there’s plenty of room in your wedding invite suite for both URL and IRL (in real life) invites. We even offer matching paper invitations to compliment your R&G wedding website and to complete your unique wedding suite.

Though often referred to as a “dying medium,” in these digital days, paper is becoming more of a luxury. While it’s always nice to save some green (cash or trees), we totally understand the allure of texture and tangibility. We’re not saying you need to go all out like HONOR NYC did with those boxed macaroon invitations above (although those would be fun to send to your VIP guests; think Maid of Honor, Best Man, or parents), but if you’re looking for some unique wedding invitation wording or design inspiration NOT yet found on Pinterest, we’re here to help. The design team at Riley & Grey draws tons of inspiration from the fashion world, the center of all things branding and beauty. Twice a year designers at fashion week churn out some very covetable collections. And no, we’re not just talking about the RTW clothes. We’re referring to those invites that inevitably end up all over Instagram.

Honestly, we don’t even care if we’re front row. We’d just love to get our hands on these golden tickets, simply to have our hands on them.

Whether you’re working with a stationer to design the unique, bespoke invitation suite of your dreams or you plan to shop around but just have no idea what you’re looking for yet, this is the post to pin! Whats more, we’ve also thrown in some wedding website template recs for you based on each invitation’s thematic vibe or design details – so check those out if you’re feeling a certain style! That being said, if you’re not logged on to Riley & Grey you can’t view our designs page/individual links to specific designs mentioned below, but luckily sign-up is 100% FREE. So simply enter your email in the form that pops up when you click the hyperlinked design names to see what we’re raving about. We promise there won’t be any hard feelings if you unsubscribe the second you finish reading this post 😉



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The stark modern, font and metallic detailing perfectly balances out the soft blush paper and patterned envelope lining of this otherwise ultra-feminine Christian Wijnants invitation. Our favorite touch? That strip of gold tape to seal the deal. Takeaway tip: manipulating/alternating the size of your invitation wording is a great way to make an otherwise cluttered, detail packed piece of paper look intentionally wordy and add and artful flair to modern fonts with less flourish to them.

If you like fresh pastels & clean fonts, you’ll love Riley & Grey’s DUCHESSSURF, and DRIFT wedding website design templates.


Photo: via COUTURETIONIST http://couturetionist.tumblr.com/post/15738073957/celine


We think earthy, wood textures can actually be a great way to elevate your invite. This minimal and masculine Céline card is retrained, but definitely maintains a certain “cool factor.”

If you like wood textures and rustic details, you’ll love Riley & Grey’s OLIVE, GROVE, and CYPRUS wedding website design templates.


Photo: Studiolin.org

Photo: Studiolin.org


Maybe we’re only obsessed because the embroidery trend has taken over everything from our jeans to our jackets. Or maybe we’re just digging these embroidered turquoise United Bamboo invitation because they are the coolest things we have ever seen. No need to come up with excessively formal or unique wedding invitation wording when your stationer is sewing instead of scribing – you’ll want keep that thread count down to essential details anyway.

If you like: bold colors and luxe modern graphics, you’ll love: Riley & Grey’s SAPPHIRE, MARBLE, and ROLLING STONE wedding website designs.



Leave it to Chloé to absolutely nail refined Bohemian wedding invitations. Paired with that bold, embossed header and unique floral envelope closure, this all-white invitation is anything but vanilla.

If you like contemporary bohemian chic, you’ll love Riley & Grey’s WATERCOLOR, BOUQUET, BRUSH, and DIP wedding website design templates.



Photo: Wallpaper

Though undeniably luxe, at first glance this Gucci invite looks rather straightforward. That is, until notice the backwards laser-cut logo on the inside reflects “Gucci” onto the gold mirrored service in it’s magically restored, rightful direction. There are only so many ways you can say “Please honor us with your presence…etc.”  finding a unique style in which to present the wording for your wedding invitations can add some personality to that personability.

If you like rich metallic effects, you’ll love Riley & Grey’s WRAPPED, CONFETTI, DECO, and LIQUID GOLD wedding website design templates.


You already know our stance of ampersand headers. We totally approve of these Victoria & Albert invitations featuring a formal-yet-fashionable typeface. Plus, the tie-close manila envelope adds a very romantic vintage vibe.

If you like modern yet nostalgic romance and font-focused design, you’ll love Riley & Grey’s SIGNATURE, DUCHESS, and CHARLESTON wedding website design templates.


This is a unique wedding invitation utilizing every inch of its tactile potential. Mulberry’s A/W’11 invitation featured woody botanicals and glimpses of gold as playful as the forest critters hidden within it’s natural graphics and Origami folds.


Sometimes it’s what’s on the outside that counts. Louis Vuitton has become synonymous with luxury luggage, so it comes as no surprise that the iconic fashion house’s invitation envelopes would come in luxe carrying cases of their own.

If you like formal black, white and gilded graphics to suit a black-tie wedding, you’ll love Riley & Grey’s CAMELLIA, GLITZ, and MARBLE wedding website design templates.



soho_menu_harpers_vizualizacia copy

Photo: Lace Up

This event invitation for Harper’s Bazaar gala dinner looks good enough to eat. Appropriate perhaps, because it unfolds into the event’s dinner menu. While we agree that this might not work for the rest of your wedding events, we still believe there’s some reception menu inspiration to take away here and we adore the overlapping folds that make this piece of paper an invite and envelope in one.

If you like blooming botanicals, exotic fruits, and romantic realism, you’ll love Riley & Grey’s BLOOM, FRESH, EPICURE, and TASTE wedding website design templates.


Quirky or corky? Either way, we’re always inspired by invite textures that almost look like material swatches for some fabulous interior design project. Exhibit A: this porous beauty courtesy of DVF. Added bonus? This baby is sturdy enough to forgo an envelope and will easily stand out among the piles of junk mail most of us somehow still receive in this digital age.

If you like interior design and luxe materials, you’ll love Riley & Grey’s BURLWOOD, CASA, and ROLLING STONE wedding website design templates.


Did we say we would only stick to unique wedding invitation inspiration? Sorry, our bad. While this House of Holland invitation would certainly get your destination wedding guests excited months ahead of their tropical trip, we can’t help but think this  paper banana leaf would make for the prettiest palm place-setting as a menu for your balmy, beachside reception.

If you like tropical greens and island destinations you’ll love Riley & Grey’s PALM, FRIDA, and BANANA wedding website design templates.


Photo: Refinery29

Photo: Refinery29

This clear, acrylic invite from rising CFDA designer Tanya Taylor comes as a bit of a welcome surprise from the chic print-pedlar. Sure, you don’t want to lose sight of legibility (pun intended) when getting into all those fancy effects for your wedding invitation wording, but don’t stress it too much. Not that it’s a likely issue, but optically-challenged guests can always consult your wedding website for important day-of details 😉

If you like bold black lines and type-centric design you’ll love Riley & Grey’s CRISP, BUSHWICKED, and SIGNATURE wedding website design templates. 



Photo: via Taste The Style http://tastethestyle.com/im-engaged-and-i-wanted-you-to-know-because/

Photo: via Taste The Style

No, this isn’t a fashion week invite, but just look at what you can do with just a little industry inspiration! Can you guess which designer Taste The Style‘s Cyndi Ramirez’s modeled her amazing save the date after? If you thought Marc Jacobs, you’ve got it. We love this approach because no one’s going to call you out for being a copy cat and, as long as you add your own personal touches, the end result isn’t cheesy.

Want, need, gotta have MORE wedding invitation design inspiration? Wow, you may have a problem. And we totally support it. Head to our Pinterest right now!

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