The Most Stylish Bridesmaid Dresses Out There Right Now

Finding the right bridesmaid dress is arguably more difficult than choosing a wedding dress. For starters, the budget is a lot more restrictive depending on your bridal party number. Add into the mix all of the stylistic elements to consider such as fit, silhouette, color, and fabric, then multiply those be each of your friend’s differing tastes, preferences and personalities, and you have yourself one of the trickiest wedding planning tasks on your t0-do list.

These days many both bridal and non-bridal brands are creating cool, unique bridesmaid dresses that your friends will actually want to re-wear. In the past, though obviously an honor, bridesmaid duty definitely had some stigma attached to it– mostly thanks to, you guessed it, bridesmaid dresses. Though the horrible puffy, hot-pink cupcakes that often come to mind are long gone and fashionable brands like Reformation now have the modern bride’s back, options remain key. Vetting your bridal party looks really is a numbers game. Needless to say, we could always use more bridesmaid dress ideas.

That’s where we come in. We scoured the internet (so you wouldn’t have to) and compiled this color coordinated shop-able gallery of stylish bridesmaid dresses (and a few jumpsuits) just for you and your best-dressed friends. And we didn’t just select the most flattering-yet-fun silhouettes to suit your squad. We went seasonal and hunted down hues perfect for an fall/winter wedding as well (we didn’t just stick to jewel tones though, so many of these will work for spring/summer weddings as well). Most importantly though, the prices are on point, so you should find something that fits your budget. Just FYI, they may not look cheap, but many of these stylish bridesmaid dresses are under $100. Jackpot.

Okay, enough patting ourselves on the back. Scroll through the gallery above, check the captions for info and click below to shop each item.

  1. Green Short-sleeve, Fishtail Maxi Dress ($134, ASOS)
  2. Lace-Up Back Green Midi Dress ($69, ASOS)
  3. Navy Long Fishtail Bridesmaid Dress ($135, ASOS)
  4. Sexy Plunging Neckline Sapphire Dress ($368, REFORMATION) & Sheer Cape ($198, REFORMATION)
  5. Navy Jacquard Strapless Jumpsuit ($450, SHOPBOP)
  6. Georgette Navy Gown with Keyhole Neckline ($368, REFORMATION)
  7. Oxblood One Shoulder Silk Dress ($333, SHOPBOP)
  8. Burgundy Deep Plunge Midi Dress ($69, ASOS)
  9. Lilac Sleeveless Razorback Slit Dress ($240, CHRISTY DAWN)
  10. Lavender Plunging V Neckline Dress ($428, REFORMATION) & Velvet Opera Bolero ($258, REFORMATION)
  11. Lilac Sleeveless High Neckline Bridesmaid Dress with Side Slit ($260, CHRISTY DAWN)
  12. Plum High Neck Mid-length Gown ($388, SHOPBOP)
  13. Grenache Wide-Leg Off The Shoulder Jumpsuit ($795, SHOPBOP)
  14. Cherry Red Halter Maxi Dress ($285, SHOPBOP)
  15. Crimson Tie Front Kimono Short Dress ($81, ASOS)
  16. Red Two-Piece Set Maxi Dress ($375, SHOPBOP)
  17. Deep Red Velvet Sweetheart Strapless Dress ($104, ASOS)
  18. Red Deep Plunge Grecian Plus-Size Bridesmaid Dress ($99, ASOS)
  19. Strawberry Cape Sleeve Bridesmaid Dress ($278, REFORMATION)
  20. Off The Shoulder Cream Floral Dress ($428, REFORMATION)
  21. Tan Halterneck Bridesmaid Jumpsuit ($99, ASOS)
  22. Nude High Neck Bridesmaid Dress ($282, RORY BECA)
  23. Champagne V-Neck Kimono Sleeve Wrap Dress ($268, REFORMATION)
  24. Metallic Silver Slip Dress ($209, SHOPBOP)
  25. Light Grey Midi Kimono Dress ($81, ASOS)
  26. Latte Crepe Maxi Dress with Side Slit ($278, REFORMATION)
  27. Greige Sleeveless Maxi Bridesmaid Dress ($271, RORY BECA)
  28. Smoke Kaftan Convertible Bridesmaid Dress ($269, MEG)
  29. Black Strapless Sweetheart Neckline Dress ($312, SHOPBOP)
  30. Drape Shoulder Mid-Length Bridesmaid Dress ($69, ASOS)
  31. Cross-Neck Black Full Skirt Pleated Gown ($438, SHOPBOP)
  32. Maxi Black Cape Crepe Dress ($63, ASOS)
  33. Draped Sleeve Floral Print Bridesmaid Dress ($428, REFORMATION)

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