A Pink Bouquet for the Grownup Girly Girl

All. Pink. Everything. Is not typically what we envision here at Riley & Grey when we think weddings. Whether you’ve followed us for a while or are just tuning in, you probably already know we like our traditions served up with a healthy dose of the unconventional. So less coral, peach, and blush – more burl wood, copper, and black.  And then we met Amy Febinger.

When we tapped the arrangement artist behind Bourgeon, a Brooklyn-based floral design studio, to dish out her interpretation of a street-style-inspired, monochromatic bridal bouquet for our “In Season” series, we had no idea what palette of petals she’d pick. Walking into Bourgeon’s stunning Fort Greene space we couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised by Amy’s hue of choice. Call us converts, but the end product was a pink and red, artfully asymmetrical bunch that any self-described non-girly girl can get behind. Sweet and sophisticated, we couldn’t ask for more.

And then there was Amy herself, the cherry on top.  Friendly, funny and just plain nice to be around. Plus, she’s full of hilarious yet helpful day-of tips for making the most of your bridal bouquet (more on those later). Stunning floral design skills aside, we’d probably invite her to our hypothetical big day just to hover nearby and keep us cool.

Get to know Amy below, then click through the gallery above for inspiring blooms and an envy-inducing workspace.

What drew you to the “Monochromatic” trend you picked for your bouquet? 

In a monochromatic color scheme the colors in a design all come from the same color family. This is the simplest of all color combinations, yet it creates such a strong feeling of sophisticated elegance and is dramatically beautiful. 

How would you describe your everyday personal style? Do you think it comes through in your floral design?

I feel like my personal style is based on my mood. If I’m feeling moody & dark, I will wear mostly black and deep, saturated color and then I end up using the same palette in my designs.  If I’m feeling girly and sexy, I will wear my hot pink Loeffler Randall pumps and wear hot pink lipstick.  I’ve really been into pinks and hot pink in the studio recently! My flowers are an extension of myself, you can generally read my mood through my flowers. I’m typically a less is more kind of person.  I’m never into anything particularly flashy or over the top. But I do like nice things : ) I suppose you could call it an understated elegance.

Is there a particular event or gig you’ve designed for that was especially exciting or even challenging?

That’s the thing I love most about floral design, it’s always exciting. No two events are ever the same, there’s usually something new to figure out on each job. Like the first time we installed a 24’ x 20’ green ceiling over a dance floor. Or traveling 6+ hours for a job, sourcing all of the flowers and then successfully getting them there. On a recent job, we suspended a 200 lb floral piece over the head table in a barn in the Berkshires. It’s such an awesome feeling of accomplishment when you take on the challenge and make it happen. 

We hear you have some killer pointers for posing with flowers… 

Ha! Yes. I always tell brides, “Pubes not boobs!” Brides have a tendency to hold their bouquets up too high in photos. Their arms should be super relaxed, down low, loose and natural. Not up high, tight and rigid!!  Ladies, remember one thing when posing with your bouquet on your day. Pubes, not boobs.

Pressing question for the folks surely fawning over it at home (also for our own records): What is the name of that amazing paint on your studio walls?

It’s “Hale Navy” by Benjamin Moore.

Last thing, favorite flower?

One is too hard!  Can I give you two? I love a big, flashy, gestural poppy. I also love any ranunculus from Hautau & Sons, growers in my home state of New Jersey.

All images by UNIQUE LAPIN Photography  unless otherwise credited  

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