Wedding Dress-Up with Inbal Dror

Sure, we thoroughly enjoy a carefully crafted presentation or highly-produced catwalk during Bridal Week. Afterall, we’re still waxing nostalgic (verging on obsessive) over the Houghton Bride show we attended nearly a week ago. That being said, when it comes down to it, nothing compares to getting up close and personal with the bridal collection pieces themselves. So you can imagine how much fun we had hanging out with hanger-upon-hanger of haute couture wedding dresses by rising Israeli designer Inbal Dror.

We played dress up (and by “we” we mean vicariously via that gorgeous model above) with four incredible dresses — or maybe we should we say five. Would you believe us if we told you the first and second dresses on the roster are one in the same? What’s more, most of these pieces easily transform in one way or another before your very eyes too.  Click through our exclusive pics ahead and see to believe.

Get your pinning fingers ready, people. This is a good one.


All images by Riley & Grey

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