Flower Girl NYC Recreates the Runway’s Boldest Blooms

We know, we know. Florals? For spring/summer? Groundbreaking. However, Miranda Presley quotes aside, 2015 really is offering up floral prints proving themselves to be a cut above the rest.  They’re bigger, bolder, and badder. And what better trend to serve as inspiration for a fashion-focused bridal bouquet?

For this installment of our “In Season” series we enlisted the help of none other than Denise Porcaro of  Flower Girl NYC, the first Manhattan florist we’ve featured yet. As you may already know, we’re huge fans of Flower Girl NYC. Yes, florists can have fans. In fact, FGNYC has over 50k Instagram followers. Now how many florists can boast that kind of social media swagger?

When we stopped by their Lower East Side location not only did Denise dish us up a great bundle of blooms, but we got to peep her beautiful and bustling (it is wedding season after all) Eldridge street studio as well. We’re talking ruffle denim gardening aprons hanging from hooks, glass sphere micro-terrariums, a flower crown clothesline, and, of course, an unbeatable aroma. Can you say office envy?

Click through the gallery above to see for yourself and check out the SS ’15 collections behind the bouquet. And don’t miss out on our interview with founder Denise Porcaro below.

What drew you to the “Bold Blooms” trend you selected for your bouquet?

​It wasn’t for the obvious reason, because it is blooms​, and because it was the medium I would work with, but rather the season.  Spring naturally gives us the most beautiful big blooms i.e. peonies the size of your head, so I felt that being that this Spring/Summer timeline is where this fell, we should embrace the season and those peonies!

Describe your everyday personal style. Do you think it comes through in your work?

​I think I look put together, however, I don’t really over-think style.  Due to the nature of my work, I tend to be a jeans and t-shirt kind of a girl, with of course times and needs to dress up for which I love too.  I do think that my personal style and the style that Flower Girl has is similar — seasonal, ​ ​effortless, with an edge or a pop.​

Is there a particular event or gig you’ve designed for that was especially challenging (whether for aesthetic or logistic reasons)?

​Flowers can be tricky, and they are a perishable product, so there is always that, but I got used to that many, many years ago.  Noting notable, and if  there was ever  design or aesthetic challenge ​I actually find that kind of a challenge fun!​

What gets you excited about certain weddings in general? Would you say there’s a distinct Flower Girl NYC bride/couple?

​We gets all sorts of couples that come our way, and I think that answers your first question here.  I love doing flowers and have been doing weddings for a long time, but it is the different couples that I get to meet and to connect with that want me to be a part of their biggest day! That is what gets me excited.  I am a people person as much as I am a Flower Girl.​

Last important question: favorite flower?

​It changes from time to time. I re-fall in love with peonies and lilac and sweet pea and passion vine every spring, and the same with dinner plate dahlias and anemones at other times of the year.  Lily of the valley​ , however, is my tried and true fave.​

All images by UNIQUE LAPIN Photography for Riley & Grey unless otherwise captioned.

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