This Design-Obsessed Destination Wedding Venue Doesn’t Need Decorations

Yes, we live for fall (go ahead, call us “basic”). But just because we love us some knit layers and auburn foliage, doesn’t mean we don’t kind of already miss summer, especially the top notch trips. And now happens to be the perfect time to do more than just reminisce about translucent aqua waters and white sand beaches. It’s time to look forward and plan ahead for future getaways to look forward to. We’re thinking dead-of-winter destination weddings, honeymoons, and anniversaries.

Recently the R&G team tagged along with one of our favorite R&G couples, Co-founder Marissa  and her husband Casey, to scope out the perfect vacay spot for sweethearts. Hard-hitting journalism or third-wheeling? A little bit of both, to be honest. Our destination? The Viceroy Anguilla. Could you blame us?

Yeah, yeah, yeah the caribbean island is super scenic, which should come as no surprise, but we need to talk about the human-crafted beauty of this resort. We’re attributing a good portion of the kudos to the queen of contemporary, Kelly Wearstler.

For those unfamiliar with Wearstler’s work, or those who only think they are unfamiliar with it, you only need to know one thing: the designer is The Master of almost-over-the-top modern glamour (minus the gaudy). Now if you thinking beach decor is on average a little more laid back than Wearstlers style, you’re right. You won’t find seashell-swarmed tabletops or anchor wall mountings in this designer’s vision of seaside sanctuary. Thank goodness for that, because the artist’s approach to interior design reveals her overall fashion-forward aesthetic. This is probably the reason we — as wedding industry rebels — vibe with Wearstler so well.

Though the architectural aspects of the Viceroy Anguilla are rather whitewashed, this potential venue is barely a blank canvas. We count interior-cum-event design among our favorite phenomenons. And for engaged couples planning destination weddings, booking a gorgeous venue that doesn’t require too many add-ons for the big day is a godsend if not a must. Already adorned with incredible ambiance-inducing details, this palatial cliffside is the perfect place to take the plunge.

Click through the gallery above for a tour courtesy of the R&G team and don’t forget to come back for Part II coming soon…

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