An Afternoon with Delphine Manivet Bridal

Last week New York Bridal Fashion Week finally came to a close, but exhaustion and runway show burnout aside, we ended our wedding dress frenzy on the best note possible. A visit to the Delphine Manivet showroom in NYC wrapped our bridal market in a nice proverbial bow, in addition to some actual bows as well. Though the U.S.  showroom  pales in comparison to the Parisian boutique calling an ornate historic three-story building its home, the cozy Tribeca haven offers a sweet intimacy ideal for courting The Dress. American brides take note and book your spot ASAP as the location is on-appointment only. We had the pleasure of perusing the most recent pieces from Delphine Manivet’s bridal collection right off the runways (airport runways that is, they had just arrived from Europe that morning). Team members Sophie and Jensen graciously walked us through the notable details of the ready-to-wear as well as some couture.

Three themes run reoccurring throughout the bridal collection: lace, cutouts, and flutter sleeves. The lace consisted of refreshingly delicate and even hand-drawn designs that set themselves apart from the heavier, cookie-cutter varieties popping up all over the place in the wake of the “Boho Bride’s” transition into the mainstream.  The cutouts are not the ones you envision when prompted with that trendy buzz word. Instead of hyper-provocative slashes of skin, Manivet masters the subtle reveal of less expected spots with rectangular windows at the back or necklines of shapes and depths flirting expertly with thde décolleté. As for the prevalence of flutter  sleeves, that’s quite self-explanatory; short ruffled wings that practically float down the aisle with stunning effect.

True, the collection certainly keepz with the times but can’t be reduced by the “trendy” label. These are timeless bridal pieces that people may have trouble dating even decades from now in family photo albums. Of course, we couldn’t resist shooting some photos of our favorite pieces with the assistance of Sophie and Jensen and decided to share our afternoon with you. Better yet, this is only a sneak peek at Delphine Manivet’s 2016 bridal collection. Check back tomorrow for the full look book on Riley & Grey. If you think these wedding dresses look stunning in modest iPhone snaps (a good sign if you’re planning on a wedding hashtag) then trust us, you don’t want to miss it. In the meantime, click through the preview above and don’t skip the captions for the scoop on notable details.

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