In Season: A “Gauzy Goddess” Bouquet by Fashion’s Favorite Florist

As you know, we’re big fans of this season’s 70s-inspired trends, and this one lends itself especially well to warm weather. Flowing silk chiffon, feather-light dresses floated down many of the Spring/Summer 2015 runways. We’ve affectionately dubbed such ethereal ensembles as “Gauzy Goddesses,” and if our Pinterest page is any proof, we’re obsessed. We’re going to pull a Kanye here and just assert that Chloé had the best collection of SS’15, particularly in terms of bridal potential.

Let us count the ways. These dreamy dresses are universally flattering and offer up an effortless femininity. Not to mention, they’re breezy, cool, and comfy as hell. Countless celebs and members of the fashion set alike seem to agree. Most recently, Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso rocked a light-aqua Chloé  frock for her (certainly 70s-inspired) rehearsal dinner getup.

We had a hunch that, if done right, capturing the organic gorgeousness of the gauzy dress in a flower arrangement would yield some stellar results. That’s where BRRCH comes in.  The NYC floral design studio with brooklynite Brittany Asch at its helm has a ton of experience navigating the intersection between flowers and fashion. BRRCH has done edgy editorial work for fashion publications such as Nylon and is no stranger to the pages of Vogue either. And speaking of stylish stems, supermodel Karlie Kloss included BRRCH blooms when both Vogue and The Coveteur featured photographs of her home.

So really, who better to interpret some of our favorite SS’15 collections than BRRCH? Brittany graciously invited us to shoot a “Gauzy Goddess” inspired bouquet of her creation and pick her brain in her awesome Fort Greene digs, which (let’s be real) we could have photographed all on their own. The inspiring interiors features chairs that magically dance upside-down on the ceiling, countless cases of colorful books, and a pooch named Tennessee who surprisingly smelled of peppermint (okay, probably because he got into a candy-cane upon our arrival, but we maintain he’d seem just as sweet minus the pleasant aroma). All around, good vibes for a cloudy afternoon of floral arrangement and shit-shooting.

Check out the interview below and click through the gallery above for the inspiration, process, and final product.

Why did you choose the “Gauzy Goddess” trend as the one you’d like interpret?

There was a dreamlike quality about it that drew me in.

How would you describe your own personal style, and do you think it comes through in your work? 

 I think my style probably comes through more in my work than in my wardrobe. My tastes are wide and varied and often a little bit jarring or abstract.

You mentioned you have a background in music. How do you see that relating to floral design?

 They are both creative outlets, both easy to romanticize and both have the potential to inspire and really help people. Other than that, they are pretty different worlds that require different skill sets. Music can stand the test of time too. Flowers not so much. Not yet, at least.

Is there a particular wedding gig you’ve done that stands out in your mind the most?  

Our most recent wedding stands out to me because it was so atypical. We were able to design with very little parameters and therefore were able to make something completely special. When someone requests for you to do something they haven’t seen before, it’s going to be stand out by default.

On that note, what gets you excited about certain weddings or events in general when it comes to floral arrangement? 

 The process of selecting the materials, followed by the act of making them all work together. I also really like to get people excited about flowers and introduce them to things they haven’t seen before. Like the floral equivalent of Glinda or Willy Wonka or Aladdin. You know- an “I can show you the world.” type thing. Only I can only show you this flower- shining, shimmering, etc…You get it. I can’t believe I just compared myself to Aladdin. That’s probably how I should’ve described my style too- only that would be completely and utterly inaccurate.

 Final super serious question: favorite flower? 

 Give me a fragrant sultry rose on a long and wild stem and I’m done for.


(All Photos by UNIQUE LAPIN Photography unless otherwise noted in captions)

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