A Casual Brooklyn Engagement Shoot & Rustic Maine Wedding

Yes, you read that title correctly. This is the same couple, and you’ll see exactly how seamlessly this urban-to-rural nuptial journey works. But more on that later. First things first, meet Geraldine and James, the latest Riley & Grey couple to be featured in our “Sites for Sore Eyes” series. These two caught our eye well before their big day. What did it? Well, their engagement photos were (for lack of a better adjective) on point.

See, we’ve spent our fair share of time perusing engagement photos. What’s more, we’ve probably spent just as much time strolling around DUMBO, an engagement session setting popular for its city-centric scenic details  (i.e. Manhattan Bridge and wide cobblestone streets). The point? In our opinion, this engagement shoot stands more than a cut above the rest. These two, plus their photographer evidently, really nailed the high quality, low-key look a concept most couples have trouble getting down. One of the most tried and true tidbits we can offer in the vein of engagement shoots is to just try and be yourselves and these photos really make a case for that nuptial nugget.

Maybe it’s because the two were, quite literally, at home in Brooklyn when their photog snapped these pics, but there’s something effortlessly stunning and sweet about how Geraldine and James fit into their DUMBO shoot setting. Don’t get us wrong, these two are impeccably dressed and look amazing, but how different would it have been if they were “dressed to the nines”? We understand, maneuvering cobblestone streets in stilettos is a feat of its own, but we’re not sure that awkward alternative would have reaped such stellar results photo-wise.

This shoot is a breath of fresh BK air (if it were as fresh as Maine’s that is). Read up to catch the couple’s wedding website tips and sneak a peak at their New England farm wedding!

Tell us a bit about yourselves that we may not know from your site.

Jim is a software engineer and I (Geraldine) just graduated from medical school and am training as a family medicine doctor. We recently moved from Brooklyn, NY to Chicago! When we’re not working we enjoy cooking together, binge watching our favorite television shows, hanging out with our cat Gus, in the winter we love skiing and really love a nice run when the weather is nice.


We love how these two wrote each others “bios.” Make sure to click over to the next page & head to their site to read the rest of the story!

We love your engagement photos!  Any tips for posing or capturing candid moments / combatting the cheese-factor that you’d like to pass on to other couples?

          Thanks so much! We had a really great time taking those pictures and we think that shines through in the end product.  We were lucky in that one of our dear friends, Neil Tan, also has some talent behind the camera.  Neil made it feel really relaxed and like it was just the three of us hanging out.  And to show you the type of guy Neil is, he didn’t charge us a penny and then proceeded to thanks us for the opportunity to share those moments with us.




(Photography: Neil Tan)

 We’re not done just yet. Head to the next page for more scoop on Gerrie & Jim’s wedding day!

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