R&G Family Photo Diary: A Hudson Holiday in an Upgraded Upstate Airbnb

True, “Airbnb for the holidays” doesn’t have the same comforting ring to it as the original saying. But guess what? An Airbnb is someone’s home. Nope, this isn’t an Airbnb sponsored post. We’re promise! One of the greatest perks of any rental or trip in general is getting to experience new surroundings; soaking in novel atmospheres. However, Airbnbs come with the added bonus of being particularly home-y and hospitable. And even the most pristinely packaged Airbnb abodes come with that highly covetable lived-in luxury that the best hotels or accommodations fail to replicate. So yes, authentic family holiday entertaining away from home is totally possible.

Trust, the R&G family and friends learned this firsthand a few weeks ago just outside of NYC. However, if the idea of traveling just sounds like adding more headaches to an already stressful season we’ve got some tried and true Airbnb tips for you from our time in Hudson. So, read up below and scroll through the gallery captions for extra inside tips and family photos from our Holiday stay in Hudson.

6 Airbnb Tips & Takeaways for Your Next Family Holiday… 

  1. Fresh Direct is your friend. Again, this is not a sponsored post, we promise. A  grocery delivery service such as Fresh Direct or Instacart will save you a ton of time, trouble, and, if you’re driving to your destination, trunk space!  But no worries. If your location isn’t available for delivery (like ours wasn’t), it isn’t the end of the world. In fact, remote locations usually mean yummy local farmer’s markets. Just make sure not to wing your whole holiday dinner and prepared by having a flexible meal plan if you haven’t done any recon on the grocery scene.
  2. Kids? Do a safety run-through ASAP. I’m sure we’ve all heard about the Airbnb safety horror stories by now, we’re not here to fear monger. We’re talking baby proofing basics that you r parental instincts will most like spot out immediately. An Airbnb profile should already mention if the home is baby proofed or kid-friendly, but don’t assume anything. Our Hudson Airbnb wasn’t baby-proofed and we had a tike on our trip. Upon entering we spotted a stunning giant head statue resting on a pedestal in the front hallway (the perfect place for running). The piece was hallow and therefore just light enough to fall and just heavy enough to cause quite the booboo. We carefully relocated to the corner floor of another room, and there was no issue. As your peanuts reach for things it’ll become clearer what’s most hazardous, but it’s probably most important to keep an eye on them and designate a specific friend or family member to keep watch, and vocalize it!  Tots often get hurt around large groups of adults because every assumes someone else is paying attention, and the busy holidays certainly aren’t an exception.
  3. Take stock of kitchen supplies. Check on the oven, pots,  cookware, serveware situation once you’re unpacked. Contact the owner ahead of time if you have recipes that require certain kitchen tools or gadgets. We lucked out with a beautifully equipped space (admittedly much better than our own tiny NYC kitchens), but still  had to make a run to the local grocery for aluminum roasting pans after our assessment. A run that would have been much more chaotic if we had to make it right when we were scheduled to pop the roast and turkey and the oven.
  4. That being said, be respectful of the space. We’re sure your host will let your know what you are and aren’t allowed to use, even beyond the kitchen. However, special occasions may tempt you to reach for fancier dishes you’d usually avoid. Just make sure your host has given you the green light to use their prettiest plates. Our host left us notes politely locating and asking us not to use his grandmother’s crystal, but conveniently set the dining table with stunning chinoiserie china before we arrived for our Thanksgiving retreat. (Airbnb host tip: DO THIS. It was such a sweet touch. Everyone was very impressed and warmed by the gracious gesture.)
  5. Include your friends!  Another great thing about an Airbnb holiday is that the accommodation provide a neutral ground that’s a bit less intimidating for  your non-familial buddies (or new beau) than your parents’ place. Enjoy shacking up in unfamiliar digs that make for a great conversation topic. We’re a pretty tight-knit crew, but this Hudson home definitely brought R&G’s extended crew together as we all experienced a new place.
  6. Lumoid is the secret to anti-awkward family photos. Lumoid is an awesome new site that lets you rent, buy, and try all sorts of awesome camera/video, wearable tech, and audio gear. They’ve even packaged some of their best camera and video products into kits that you can easily rent and use. Better yet, the Lumoid site provides useful descriptions for the type of photography each camera kit works best for, so even the most amateur of photographers can figure things out. Just remember to download all your precious images before you ship the products back! We had so much fun with the camera body, lens, and flash we rented that we may make them permanent member of the R&G team.

Okay, that’s the top advice that stands out most from our own Airbnb holiday. Now, if you haven’t already, scroll through the gallery to learn more about our rustic Airbnb holiday upstate!


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