The wedding industry is full of a lot of noise, and it’s easy to lose your voice in a fray of pastels and princess skirts.  That being said, you fell in love with each other just the way you are, so why wouldn’t your wedding reflect your personal style?

Riley & Grey is the go-to source for smart, taste-making, edgy, and creative women who also just happen to be getting married (!). We seek inspiration for modern couples and create non-wedding-y wedding content influenced by fashion, art, and design.  

 We’re here to disrupt the bridal space and work our bustles off bridging the gap between street-style & aisle; ready-to-wear & reception. We believe couples can honor traditions and break a few rules at the same time.

If you’d rather flip through the latest issue of Vogue than pick up another cookie-cutter Bridal mag; If you’re totally overwhelmed yet under-inspired (to put it politely) by Pinterest’s “Wedding” page, we feel you. Welcome. 

(Not a bride or groom-to-be? Not a problem. Consider us your new not-so-guilty pleasure.)

Sending good vibes your way, 


P.S. Oh, and we make pretty cool wedding websites.