10 Easy (Not Cheesey) Wedding DIYs

We’re all about DIYs that are actually worth the work when it come to our cribs (as you can see in this recent post), and it’s no different for big celebrations. If you’ve got the time or extra set of hands before the big day DIYing decor can be a great way to stay in your budget and reduce costs. Not to mention, a sessions of adult art-and-crafts can make for  a much needed, productive pre-wedding de-stressor  if you don’t take on too much! But it’s always tricky finding DIYS that are do-able and don’t look like we ripped them off from a kindergarten classroom, so we’ve rounded another 10 decorations to do yourself (or to put your eager relatives and besties to work). Even better, many of these decorations could work for any festivities beyond the big day, from a bridal shower to a baby shower (peep those floral party hats!).

Check out the final products above and click the links below for detailed instructions.

1. Dip Dye Candle Sticks ALMOST MAKES PERFECT

2. Flower Chandelier HONESTLY WTF

3. Faux Marble Place Card Holders ALMOST MAKES PERFECT

4. Wax Paper Backdrop STYLE ME PRETTY

5. Floral Party Hats THE HUNTED INTERIOR

6. Fringe Balloons SWEET THING

7. Paper Wisteria Backdrop RUFFLED

8. Floral Letters HONESTLY WTF

9. Gold Dipped Feathers HONESTLY WTF

10. Fancy Drink Stirrers THE HUNTED INTERIOR

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